Thursday, February 26, 2009

On A Roll

Literally! I made the old footlocker roll. The revamp, my original plan was to do some sort of metal paint finish, but once I dragged it out of the storage room and got a good look at it, I liked it as is! So, the revamp, ended up being a good cleaning and adding swivel casters. The trunk is in there...down that narrow path in the storage room. Aah Ha! Unload the years of books and papers. Gather supplies and tools. Mark where to drill. Drill holes. Charge the drill died with 1 screw left! Story of my life. Get Lulu off the bus, make lunch, do two loads of laundry...charged! Tighten nuts. Polished and ready to roll. The completed trunk in it new home. Now what else can I put wheels about that wicker trunk...for the beach house! I dread to find out what is living inside... Have a great weekend...we are headed to the shore to work on the beach house!

Curtain Call

As, not so great pictures, please pardon the mess on the desk! Cozy reading corner...and also the place I sit every morning with my coffee to chat with MBM. Stats on the draperies...non-functioning flat panel drapery...100% linen (not too bad to work with), cotton print accent fabric, fully lined in poly/cotton ivory lining. Applied 4" banding, top stitched on to the linen. Hand sewn rings... Blind stitching visible from the face of the drapery. And today's project the footlocker...that is if I can manage to get it out the storage room in the basement!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weight Watchers

Down 7 lbs. total. The last two weeks combined, I only lost 1 lb. I know why...over Valentine's Weekend at the shore there was wine and guacamole, cosmopolitans and guacamole, beer and get the idea! I am back on full force and have learned my lesson NO MORE GUACAMOLE in large quantities anyway! And I guess it would be better choose wine, beer, OR a cosmo. I am also going to invest in a scale that I don't have to squint to most likely, now I won't be guesstimating where the arrow is pointing! The draperies are installed in MBM's office and I have to say I am quite pleased with the way they turned out. Pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, today is my first day returning to my former life of a far so good. I jumped right back in with both feet. Started the day with an early morning trip to the orthodontist with Emma, she is now sporting an expander. Braces to follow in a month. Went food shopping. Lulu is entertaining her classmate, they just finished the "playdate" lunch of grilled cheese, sliced apples, and hot chocolate. And are already eyeing up the ooey, gooey, peanut buttery, chocoatechipy deliciousness sitting on the counter. There has been laundry washed and folded. Appointments scheduled. And LOTS AND LOTS of list making! Soon I am going to fire up the vacuum. I'd say I am off to a good start. MBM's office drapery is finished and ready to be installed...he has been on conference calls ALL morning, so, I wait, with my drill in hand. In the mean time I made him a pillow. I used the fabric from the draperies...added a flat welt around the pillow and a monogram and VIOLA! Almost finished his office!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have been very lazy the past few days! VERY LAZY! I have only completed one thing on THE LIST. Move the lamp. Huge, I know. Tonight, I am planning out my week to complete some of the things on my list and get back to the gym. Tomorrow is my last day at work...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I picked up this little lovely last week. One of my favorite local antique shops offers lay-a-way...can you believe it?...lay-a-way. The glass knobs are HUGE... Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had some to to kill before heading to an appointment and thought I would stop in. I was getting ready to buy some glass knobs when the owner told me they just got a piece in with the best glass knobs, did I want to take a look? Of course, I wanted to take a look, and I fell in love immediately. I was thinking about all the places I could use it in my house or the beach house...then I hit the much? Well, not much at all, but, more than I wanted to spend just after Christmas. She said, "Put it on lay-a-way!" it was like music to my for the past few weeks I would swing by and pay down my little piece. It was worth the wait...don't you think? The whole knob is actually screwed in to the drawer front...never saw that before. And what a genius...lay-a-way! Smart business women...LOVE IT! Dove Tail...gotta love it. It is currently taking up residence in the living room (which, btw is also on THE LIST) but, who knows where it will end up!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The List

I have been compiling a list(in my head)of things/projects I would like to complete before the end of the school year. And well it just seems to get longer and longer. So I have decided to take it one room at a time kind of thing. Since just about every room in our house has some sort of unfinished project. My rule is not to move to another room until this one is finished! That is hard for me! FOCUS, HEATHER, FOCUS! The first room...MBM's office. Before the holidays we had the floors refinished, I painted the office red (his Alma Mater color), added a ceiling fan, we rearranged and edited the furniture, hung some pictures, and then hit the breaks. The window treatments are near completion. This is the current state of his office...needs some love, no? And yes, that is our Vice-President wearing a triathlon medal in MBM's office... a Christmas gift for MBM from my uncle. Not sure if he will be relocated. What's left on THE LIST... 1. hang shelves, they are currently hanging in the butler pantry 2. frame old pipes, need to buy frames 3. do something fun with his old foot locker from college, maybe paint and definitely casters. 4. make pillows for leather chair 5. add a floor lamp, currently living on our that is a matter of unplugging, carrying down stairs, and plugging in

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weight Watchers

Another 2 of six. Down one pant size...I can live with that! I was a bit sceptical about WW Online, there is just something about those weekly meetings that work for me. But, so far so good! The whole program has been fairly easy, I am not hungry at all and having to log everything you put in your mouth really helps with the mindless snacking. I have been drinking an unreasonable amount of tea..mainly green tea (decaf, of course) and at night chamomile. One other great thing about Online vs. weekly meetings...they don't let you strip down buck naked to weigh in! Oh, the perks! Today, I will be working on my "LIST" of things I wanted to do but never got to...I'll share what I have tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, yesterday, I resigned from my job. It was bitter sweet, really, because I love my job. Working with clients in their home, being surrounded by such gorgeous fabrics and furniture. But, what it comes down to it dollars and cents...and well, in this economy, it just wasn't working out like I had anticipated. There are lots of things I will miss, like getting dressed up everyday, getting to see the insides of so many different homes, the group of people I work with, the fabric discount...I could go on and on! But, this wasn't a quick decision. It took a few weeks to finally make a decision and start making plans. So, there is a lot to look forward to as well. We have decided to not rent our beach house this year. Instead we are packing up the week after school lets out(and lacrosse camp is over) and heading to the shore for the whole summer! Of course, that means a lot of work needs to be done to make it livable for us...lots of painting, sewing, and fun ahead! So, I am back to my "life with lulu and her sisters" which I missed terrible. When I told them about leaving my job they cheered...that really sealed the deal for me!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I need it today! And a little bit of courage, too!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spread the LOVE

I came across this adorable Esty shop the other day searching for a specific graphic for a little project I am working on. Love all of her work so I emailed the shop owner to inquire about a graphic. She quickly responded to my email with several different options and won't charge me...her words, "Just spreading a little kindness out in the world." So go check out her goods... Whisker Graphics on ETSY And her Blog, too! Thanks, Whitney!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Times are a changing...

Big things happening over here...more to come next week... On the weight loss front ...down another 2 lbs...totalling four. I am OK with that!