Friday, May 30, 2008

Part 2

Hair today, Gone tomorrow!
Last summer Emma and our beach friend Molly decided they would grow their hair for Locks of Love and get it cut together Memorial Day Weekend!

Emma waiting to get her 10" ponytail cut off!

Here it goes!

Her new short do almost done!

All finished! Emma sporting the "Dorothy Hamil" just like me when I was eight!

A surprise ice cream celebration for the girls followed with all our family and friends!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Big Weekend, Part 1

Part 1
MBM's race! I am so proud of him. Over 402 registered racers, we were turning people away on Friday night at "packet pick -up" MBM handed over over $30,000 to the beneficiaries of the race.

Here are some highlights...

Lined up a half hour before pick up/registration on the corner of JFK & Veterans Way...Smile your in Sea Isle City!!!

MBM and Lt. Bob, an active Army pilot home on R&R from Afghanistan. Completed the race with his dad and returned to "the fight" as he put it, the very next day.

MBM with the mayor addressing the racers!

Sixty retired and active military heading into the ocean.

First timers...Mimi (aka my 52 year old MIL), Emily, Reenie, Jackie! So many of our friends and family trained to do this race, most of which have never participated in a race of any sort let alone a tri! Those who didn't race volunteered...starting at 5:30 am race day!

US Coast Guard fly by...arranged by my childhood next door neighbor, who is station in Atlantic City.

Even Batman and Robin showed up to show their support!

Team Semper Fi...amazing!

Part 2...tomorrow!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Back from the Beach

We had a GREAT weekend! Lots to share....tomorrow!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Etsy Thursday's Picks

We are headed to the shore for the holiday weekend this afternoon. I can't wait to get my feet in the sand!!! More on that tomorrow!

Anyway, I thought I would wrap up my week of Etsy with lots of favorites!!!

Crea8tive Mama

Sunny Day Tags

Pink Lobster

Preppy Petunia

Nesting Place

Well there you have it! I love ETSY!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Etsy Wednesday Pick

Bella Blu Designs

Cute, right?
I recently ordered a few onsie set as gifts...A D O R A B L E!!!!
Christy the genius behind these darling products was recently on the Martha Stewart here!

Today, was little Lulu's very last day of preschool....EVER! Bittersweet...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Etsy Pick

Charlie and Sarah

I only have time for one picture...there stuff is so fun!!!!

Today is one of those CRAZY days where every minute is accounted day looks something like this:

9:00...leave for the gym
9:30...class at the gym
10:30....shower and dress at the gym (BIG YUCK)
11:00...head to new place of employment to pick up some paper work, go over the schedule (my official first day is June 9th....WOOHOO), make a stop at the post office to ship some orders
11:30...stop at Michaels or Walmart for supplies for Caroline's ladybug habitat project
12:30...head over to a friend's house that need a consultation on curtains and paint, and break the news to her I won't be able to make the curtains for her, conflict of interest with the new JOB
1:30...hopefully heading home to do some work and clean up the mess we have been living in
4:00...take the big girls to gymnastics
5:30...MBM relieves me at the gym and I head here to meet my college roommates for some shopping and dinner!

What are you doing today?

Monday, May 19, 2008


I have recently fallen in love with Etsy...there are so many talented people out there and I love that you can find them and their goods in a few easy clicks. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you this week!

Now this first one is my good friend...I would still adore her stuff even if she were a complete stranger!

Gracie Girl Notes

This is just a sampling of her work. Trust me when I say it is ALL adorable! And she does plenty of stuff for grown ups, too!

And while your over at Etsy...I listed a bunch of new stuff, too!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was tagged by Running Just as Fast as I Can. Six quirks....Hmmmm, just six! 1.At Starbucks I order a Grande Decaf in a Venti cup so I can load it up with Half n' Half...yummy! 2.Most Saturday mornings I watch Beverly Hills, 90210 with my morning coffee...just can't get enough! 3.I love to bake...Hate to cook. 4.The passenger seat of my car is ALWAYS loaded with stuff...multiple handbags, water bottles, school papers, magazines, books, nail polish, lip glosses, chargers, receipts, you name it! 5.As soon as I know that I am in for the night on go my pajamas. It could be at 3:00 in the afternoon...I don't care I like to be comfortable! 6.I am the worst at remembering birthdays and send ind cards or gifts....sometimes months late! I am working on this! If you have some silly things to share join in! Rules of play: a. Link the person who tagged you. b. Mention the rules in your blog post. c. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. d. Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them. e. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The Flower Market was a success! And a lot of fun, too! I learned a lot, too! There are some REALLY serious vendors out there...just in out tent of 8 vendors, 3 travel pretty far most weekends to show their wares. The "jelly lady" and the "hat guy" came from Richmond, Va. and the "spice couple" came from Syracuse, NY...far and they had to spend 3 nights in a hotel. And just between you and I, jelly is where it is at...she made a bundle on jelly! Jelly!
The Market is a non-profit that benefits children's charities in Delaware. The Market opened on Thursday morning with a big announcement(think ringing the bell at the NY Stock Exchange)but, the crowd was filled with the beneficiary children, who were invited to enjoy the amusements gifted by the amusement company. It was so sweet, those kids were so excited! Rides, games, snow cones, cotton candy...they had a blast!
Friday is rained and rained and rained...we had fun in our tent! There was a worn path to the Starbucks tent...I had then run a tab for me!
Saturday was great! Cold, but the Market was mobbed so that means lots of $$$$ for the children's charities!
These are better pictures of my booth taken on Saturday morning before the Market opened...

I also did some shopping while at the Flower Market...check these CHICKS out...I bought Bravery Kits for my girls and niece. You need to read their stories. I had the pleasure of meeting all of them...UNBELIEVABLE! I also bought a belt, so cute, from some local gals. They are working on a website, I'll let you know when it is up and running... You will fall head over heels for there designs!

Let me see what else...
I am looking forward to starting all of the projects I have lined up!
I will be officially accepting "the job" tomorrow!
I have been tagged by Running Just as Fast as I Can, look for that tomorrow!
I going to make up the lost time at the gym!
I'll be listing the leftovers on Etsy sometime this week! Some really cute stuff!
I guess that is it for now!

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day...I did!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flower Market Set Up

Today was fun...setting up. Thank goodness I could drive my car right up to the tent to unload! I must have moved my tables 100 times and rearranged and rearranged and rearranged. I am sure I will do more moving around again tomorrow before the Market opens!

Car packed ready to go!

Quick picture of my space...still need to at a cash/wrap table, work station, and the tent sides will be open during the market!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, it looks like I will be hanging up my "Stay At Home Mom" hat! An informal offer was made Monday and I am expecting the official offer to arrive today, outlining the position and all the good stuff that goes along with it! I am thrilled and a bit nervous, too. This is going to be HUGE on our family! When I spoke with the manager today she said, "I seem like a perfect fit for her team and the rest just fell into place." While, I am not a big advocate on blabbing your life story to anyone that will listen. (yes, I realize that is exactly what this blog is, but you get what I mean, right?)I do think when you open yourself up a bit good things happen. That is how this job came to be for me. I have been wanting to stop the custom parties for a while now and wanted to try something new. At book club, I said I was thinking about going to school or taking some interior design classes. The next thing I knew I was doing a resume and being interviewed for a perfect position! "It just fell into place", I couldn't agree more. I have another full day of sewing ahead to prepare for the Flower Market. Set up is tomorrow and the Market starts on Thursday...I have my space planned out in my head, sort of, I really need to see it, then it will come together easily. MBM is going to help me with the set up, which means he will be moving tables and carrying heavy stuff. I am considering bringing my smaller sewing machine to "work" on smaller items while at the Market. I think it would be fun to have a little "work station" in my booth and it will keep me busy during down times, which is a good thing and will keep me out of other booths. The weather forecast does not look promising... I am keeping sunny thoughts!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our weekend in a nutshell...

Lacrosse game Saturday afternoon

Emma's Birthday...cupcakes at the field!

Emma's Communion followed by dinner back at our house.

Sunday, day of rest? For some, I guess. I spent my Sunday in my studio hunched over my sewing machine. Got LOTS finished!

On deck this week:
...Flower Market set up on Wednesday
...Flower Market Thursday, Friday, Saturday
...waiting for my car to be returned, it was towed from our garage on Friday morning because it was "dead"
...waiting to hear about the job
...Mother's Day!....HOORAY!