Thursday, November 5, 2009

Road Trip

MBM and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, like 5:00 AM, for Wilmington, North Carolina.
He will be racing in the Beach to Battleship Triathlon and I will be taking in the sites and shops! I have always wanted to go to Wilmington, ever since I found out this and this were filmed there. CapeSide and Tree Hill are second to my favorite TV town Stars Hollow...should be fun!!
Any suggestions were to eat or places I must see...please, I am all ears!

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amanda said...

Elijah's which is downtown on the river is really good. I also love Bluewater and Bridgetender on wrightsville
beach. If you want some good ice cream, check
out Kilwin's. Sample Saltworks 2 (or
maybe its too) or causeway cafe for great breakfast. Sweet and savory has yummy soups and sandwiches. If you're
looking for ocean front dining Oceanic is also a good choice.